Ego and I

Ego in loneliness is like a vulture waiting its prey
In the ugly courtyard of human desires
Ego in loneliness demands and master your mind
Like a boss having no  compassion
Ego in loneliness injects to your material veins
The poisons of lust, greed and anger
Ego in loneliness is nothing but the fearful death
For it kills your existence in fear
Ego in loneliness is the ever powerful  ignorance
For it drags you into the nonexistence

I in aloneness is like a bird freed from its cage
In the beautiful nature of  blissful freedom
I in aloneness never demands but sets you free
Destroying the ignorance of fear and death
I in aloneness is existence in bliss of knowledge
Like an ocean of non-dual infinite vastness
I in aloneness is truth the most beautiful oneness
Which is nothing but the ever  beloved Self
I in aloneness is the untainted Supreme Witness
For it is the one and only reality ever existent 


Rugmani Kg said…
Beautiful depiction