Vande Mataram

Where the sun shines with his fullest magnificence
Where the moon sheds his coolest nightly whiteness
Where the wind blows chanting the mystical Aum
Where the space creates the void to fill the beauty
Where the fire lights the wisdom of ancient sages 
Where the waters flow chanting the purity of mind
Where the land stops to wish the deepest blessings
Was born I as the son of Mother India
Where the trees bend their heads in deep reverence
Where the rocks sings the story of thousand ages
Where the soil smells the heated blood for freedom
Where the beautiful monuments praise the great ones
Where the women are honoured by celestial gods
Where the men are born with fearless iron hearts
Where the motherhood displays herself as Goddess
Was born I as the son of Mother India
Where the Ganges sings the mystical hymns of Vedas
Where the mighty Himalayas meditate in spiritual mist
Where the holy Dwaraka opens the door to wisdom
Where the eastern springs dance in classical bliss
Whether the Southern sea blows the divine conch shell
Where the ancient preserved the bundles of knowledge
Where the sages witnessed the wisdom of oneness
Was born I as the son of Mother India
Singing the celestial song in praise of her Divinity
Chanting her ever new mantra Vande Mataram
Hoping to make her glory grow in abundance
Let us walk together in unity amidst diversity
Let us move along holding the hands together
Let us build her the magical wings to fly high
Prostrations to the giver of nectarine wisdom
Say aloud Hail Mother India Hail Mother India